Brit DiMattia Earns $1000 Per Month from SMOKING (15 Photos)

Blonde bombshell, Brit, photographed with a cigarette in her mouth. This woman earns $1000 per month from SMOKING for her 5.5K followers, and says CORONAVIRUS has IMPROVED business.



Student, Brit DiMattia (25) from Wisconsin, USA, is better known online to her followers as “Smoking Model.” Having spent several years working in the service and entertainment industries, Brit is now studying for her master’s in marketing, after deciding to move closer to home.

Brit had been smoking since 2013, when she was 18 years old. It was a habit she considered a social activity, a confidence boosting accessory, and a relaxant – but never a job. When Brit stumbled across the smoking fetish community on Instagram in 2018, the opportunity to earn some extra money to fund her studies suddenly presented itself. Brit soon set to work creating pre-made videos for her newfound paying customers. Before long, Brit’s predominantly male audience began to place special requests. Brit would paint her fingernails, perform certain smoking tricks, roleplay, or use a certain brand of cigarette. Other requests were slightly more out of the ordinary. Brit has been asked to create nude or sexually explicit content (something she declines) and has even been asked to chain smoke until she was sick.

The young entrepreneur spends $60 a week on cigarettes but is making an impressive $500 to $1000 a month from her fetish content. Brit even claims that the current COVID-19 pandemic is increasing her earnings. With many people now in self-isolation, Brit has seen an increase in demand for her content, which handily provides her with a steady income during these uncertain times. Brit hopes to continue growing her fetish content page having only realised its lucrative potential in the last 12 months. Brit views her content as a form of art and aims to show others that it’s healthy to explore their desires.


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