Paulina Gaitan Nude – Souvenir (14 Pics + Videos)

The Nudogram video and screenshots below present Paulina Gaitan’s nude sex scenes from her new Amazon Prime movie “The Souvenir” (2021) brightened and enhanced in HD.



Paulina Gaitan is making out with a guy and pulling her shirt off to reveal a bra. They then make out some more as her bra and panties come off, Paulina laying down naked on her back on a bed with the guy on top of her.


She then rolls on top of him, and we get another peek of her boobs as she unwraps a condom and puts it on the guy. We then see her riding him and again showing her butt when he rolls her onto her back once more. Finally, we see more of Paulina in her bra again afterward.


Paulina Gaitan is lying naked on her back with her leg pulled back as she and a guy have vigorous sex, the guy slowing down as he finishes and kisses her. Her tits are pressed against him, but we see a brief look when he moves away, and she moves her arm to toss a condom aside before rolling onto her stomach.


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